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Miami Marlins 2

Miami Marlins will be taking on the San Diego Padres @ Marlins Park tonight until Sunday!  A Place For Tickets has your tickets to get in!

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Miami Marlins

Miami Marlins 2

The Miami Marlins will be opening their season at home on Tuesday, April 5th against the Detroit Tigers.  Below is a copy of their schedule, and as always you can purchase tickets to the Marlins or any other event by calling (954) 922-8899 or visiting our Website!

Marlins 2016 Schedule

Apr. 5-6  Detroit

Apr. 7,9,10  at Washington

Apr. 11-13 at NY Mets

Apr. 15-17  Atlanta

Apr. 18-21 Washington

Apr. 22-24 at San Francisco

Apr. 25-28 at LA Dodgers

Apr. 29-May 1 at Milwaukee

May 3-5   Arizona

May 6-8   Philadelphia

May 9-11   Milwaukee

May 13-15 at Washington

May 16-18 at Philadelphia

May 20-22 Washington

May 23-26 Tampa Bay

May 27-29  at Atlanta

May 30-Jun. 2  Pittsburgh

Jun. 3-5  NY Mets

Jun. 7-9  at Minnesota

Jun. 10-12 at Arizona

Jun. 13-15 at San Diego

Jun. 17-20  Colorado

Jun. 21-22  Atlanta

Jun. 23-26  Chicago Cubs

Jun. 28-29  at Detroit

Jun. 30-Jul. 3  at Atlanta

Jul. 4-6   at NY Mets   1

Jul. 8-10   Cincinnati

Jul. 15-17-  at St. Louis

Jul. 18-21  at Philadelphia

Jul. 22-24  NY Mets

Jul. 25-27  Philadelphia

Jul. 28-31  St. Louis

Aug. 1-3  at Chicago Cubs

Aug. 5-7  at Colorado

Aug. 8 -10 San Francisco

Aug. 12-14 Chicago Sox

Aug. 15-18  at Cincinnati

Aug. 19-21  at Pittsburgh

Aug. 23-25  Kansas City

Aug. 26-28   San Diego

Aug. 29-Sept. 1 at NY Mets

Sept. 2-4  at Cleveland

Sept. 5-7  Philadelphia

Sept. 9-11  LA Dodgers

Sept. 12-14  at Atlanta

Sept. 16-18  at Philadelphia

Sept. 19-21  Washington

Sept. 22-25  Atlanta

Sept. 26-28   NY Mets

Sept. 30-Oct. 2  at Washington