Watch the Marlins tonight thru Sunday!

Miami Marlins 2

Miami Marlins will be taking on the San Diego Padres @ Marlins Park tonight until Sunday!  A Place For Tickets has your tickets to get in!

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Little League World Series!

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Congrats to the North Carolina team for being the first American team in HISTORY to accomplish back to back No-Hitters!

Tune in and cheer on your team in the Little League World Series!

This is the final week of games with it coming to an end with the final game, Sunday @ 3:00pm on ABC!


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Solar Eclipse today in South Florida!


Today, all across the country we will be watching the moon cross in front of the sun, briefly turning day into night!  This will be the first time in 38 years that a solar eclipse will be visible from the U.S.   South Florida is expected to receive about 80% totality with the peak time being around 2:58pm.  Since this is also the first day of school, make sure you get the kids out and safely watch this once in a lifetime event!  

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